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Replacement Brakes and Brake Testing

Looking to buy car brakes?

AA Silencers Ltd, the independent brake specialists, supply and fit brakes for all makes and models at competitive prices.

The rigours of stop / go motoring on todays overcrowded-roads can place tremendous demands on brakes. So for maximum safety and peace of mind, it makes sense to have your brakes checked regularly. Stop at AA Silencers Ltd and our fully-trained brake specialists will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive brake inspection.

Are your brakes in working order?

When your brakes have a problem, common signs include:

  • Brake juddering when applied
  • A grinding noise when brakes applied
  • A high, hard brake pedal
  • Rear wheels locking upon braking
  • A squealing or grinding noise when braking
  • If the vehicle pulls to one side when braking
  • A loss of efficiency during heavy braking or on a long descent
  • A general grinding noise when driving

If your car is doing any of the above don’t hesitate to call AA Silencers Ltd as soon as possible to prevent further damage and cost to your pocket.

Brake Disk Cutting Service

We can also offer a brake disk cutting service if your brake disks are corroded, or worn unevenly, causing brake judder. We can give them a new lease of life by removing the wheels and refacing the disks while still fitted to the car, 4x4, van/light commercial. All we recommend is to replace the brake pads. This can save you lots of money in parts and reduced cost and labour. This is the state of the art disk cutter that only some main leading brands use, but AA Silencers Ltd strives to bring you the best, cost-effective services as a friendly independent garage.