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Churchill Tyres

Churchill Tyres are engineered with superior quality compounds and advanced groove design that enables the motorist to drive comfortably on wet, icy and dry road services. The brand provides its customers with diverse tyre types to maintain traction even on the most challenging terrains. It also has a lug-groove patterns, so the vehicle never sways to alternate sides.


Roadx Tyres

Roadx tyres is a premium tyre brands with diverse varieties of tyres like summer, winter, all-season and high-performance as per the motorist’s need. The brand promises agility, control, and superior balance with every purchase. It even comes with advanced benefits like hydroplaning resistance, inter-connected grooves to deliver a high-quality driving experience that you deserve.

kumho logo

Kumho Tyres

Kumho tyres are made up of high-quality materials and offers top-notch performance. It offers a variety of tyres in the summer, winter and all-season segment to assist you to drive comfortably on dry, wet and uneven roads with ease.

We Stock All Popular Tyre Brands

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AA Silencers- Reliable Centre for Car Servicing Cheadle

Your search for affordable car servicing Cheadle can now end with AA Silencers Ltd. We are a reliable garage, certified and approved by the AA and RAC respectively, catering to all your vehicular needs efficiently. Our team includes a group of skilled technicians with years of in-hand experience in every vehicle make and model. We use cutting-edge tools and advanced techniques to provide you with the best-in-class services.

You can also visit our workshop for car tyres. We house an expansive assortment of variants sourced from leading brands.

Want to know more about our offerings? Keep reading till the end!

Our Comprehensive Services

As an independent garage, we have always focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction with our top-grade Car Servicing Cheadle. Thus, all our technicians are updated with the latest trends and techniques to maintain accuracy and precision while performing any car-related services.

Some of our top-notch services are as follows:

Clutch Services

If you are facing difficulties while shifting the gears, it is time to contact a trusted garage for clutch services. At AA Silencers Ltd., we inspect the clutch components closely and detect the underlying issues in no time. After diagnosing the exact fault, we use OE-grade spares to replace the damaged components. It ensures optimum clutch functioning for an extended period.

Car Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s braking system plays a crucial role in maintaining your driving safety and comfort. So, whenever you come across issues like increased braking distance or screeching noise while applying the brakes, consider booking us for a brake replacement service. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to examine the brake components like the rotor, calliper, master cylinder, discs, pads etc., and replace the damaged ones immediately.

Wheel Balancing

Your car’s wheels may go out of balance due to several reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for a routine wheel balancing check every 5000 – 6000 miles. We use a technologically advanced wheel balancing machine to detect the imbalances accurately. Finally, we add eco-friendly counterweights to restore the balance.

Wheel Alignment

If the camber, caster, and toe angles of your vehicle’s wheels deviate from the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, the vehicle’s driving behaviour changes. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to detect the wheel angles and upon detecting any misalignment, we align the angles as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Suspension Services

Are you experiencing bumpy rides lately?

A faulty suspension system can jeopardise your driving comfort and lead to such issues. So, it is imperative to opt for a suspension check upon experiencing such symptoms. Our experts take a closer look at the suspension components like struts, shock absorbers, springs, etc., and replace the faulty ones for enhanced suspension performance.

And, our list does not end here! We also offer the following:

  • Car Servicing (Interim, Full, and Major)
  • Car Batteries Replacement
  • Air Con Re-gas
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Gearbox Repair And Replacement, and more.

We Also Offer Mot

As a DVSA-authorised garage, we perform professional MOT assessments for Class 1 and Class 4 vehicles as per standard norms.

For more information, please call us on 01538 752345!

Is our offering vast enough to conclude your “garage near me” searches? If you are still in doubt, scroll down to check out our product range!

Our Tyre Collection

We house a vast stock of tyres for all vehicle types to cater to your diverse requirements. Our collection includes the following variants to offer you an optimum driving experience on all weather conditions and road surfaces:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-Season Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Run-Flat Tyres

We source all these variants from top-most brands like Churchill, Kumho and RoadX, etc. You can book all our products and car servicing Cheadle online using this website’s booking system.

We are located at Grosvenor Garage, Tean Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 1LQ.

Our Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 8 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 2 pm

Do you have any queries? You can also ask by sending us an email at info@aasilencers.com!

We are here for you!

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We supply & fit tyres for all major vehicle manufacturers

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Our Recent Google Reviews

Ben Ashmore

Big thanks to the team at AA Silencers and Justin, who dealt with me from the start. Came here with my LR Discovery sport with an exhaust rattle and fitted me in at short notice as I was going away on holiday that day! Managed to repair my exhaust instead of replacing, Price was incredibly reasonable, and the service was impeccable. Highly recommend. Real nice and honest guys. Thank you, and I will definitely be using your services again. Cheers Ben


Great service today when having the tracking on my car checked. Really detailed print outs from the latest state of the art laser tracking system.Thanks again.

David Owen

Fantastic service when my daughters van required a new radiator and intercooler Was towed into the garage tuesday and ready wednesday dinnertime.

David Rowley

Brilliant service from Justin and his team @ AA Silencers in Cheadle. Took my wife’s car in (without an appointment) for an exhaust bracket issue. It was checked within the hour and a new bracket welded without the need for a new exhaust section.A photo was also taken to show me what work had been carried out.Thank you AA Silencers. Dave R.

Jenny Snow

A 5 ***** star service from this company. Came out to sort out a flat battery problem, within half an hour of the call, together with NO charge.Highly recommended. Thank you.


Best independent service centre I've been too in years. I now take my R8 and Porsche to them for all serving and maintenance, as well as the wife's hack :) Extremely knowledgeable and their professionalism is first class. Its great to support a local family business.

Michael Benson

Great service, tyres fitted in no time. Nice touch washing the wheels after the tyres were fitted.

Stephanie Didierserre

Brilliant work they did on our Land Rover and at a reasonable cost.