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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement for your vehicle?

A car's clutch primarily engages and disengages the connection between the transmission and the engine, serving as a barrier between the two. Other purposes include smooth gear shifting, changing speed, and coming to a complete stop without turning off the engine, and starting and stopping a car.

This makes it crucial to avail routine clutch checks to ensure optimum acceleration and deceleration. If not done, your vehicle may exhibit signs of a faulty clutch that can jeopardise your car's accelerating property and also increase fuel consumption.

So, if you are looking for clutch services Cheadle, choose AA Silencers Ltd. for affordable solutions. Our industry-best professionals possess years of hands-on experience in inspecting clutch systems and offering services accordingly.

When To Opt For Clutch Repairs And Replacements Cheadle

If your car’s clutch malfunctions, you may experience the following:

Strange Juddering

If your car’s clutch pedal judders, you need to address the concern to restore its performance. This happens due to inaccurate clutch disc grip on the flywheel.

Loose Clutch Pedal

A faulty clutch spring’s diaphragm spring in the mechanical unit is responsible for this. To resolve such an issue, our experts will examine the release bearing and clutch fork for damages. They will also look for leaky connections or pipes to understand the actual cause.

Slipping Gears

This occurs due to a worn-out clutch pressure plate and requires immediate replacement service to avoid any on-road hazards.

Difficulty In Changing Gears

Do you find yourself exerting excessive pressure to engage the clutch? Head straight to us at Grosvenor Garage, Tean Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 1LQ, UK for a comprehensive clutch inspection.

Our professionals will inspect the pressure plate along with the cable, bearing, clutch fork and linkage for damages.


If your car’s clutch system is overheated, it can cause rapid wear.

Grinding Noise While Changing Gears

Does your car make a grinding sound when the transmission is in neutral? This happens due to a damaged shaft bearing. While the noise diminishes when you press the pedal, it is advisable not to overlook it for an extended period. It may hamper other components and have potential safety concerns.

All these signs should be addressed immediately at our clutch service centre Cheadle for precise and accurate solutions.

About Our Clutch Services Cheadle

Our experts will be examining all the clutch components thoroughly. Accurate diagnostics make it easier and faster to detect and repair faults, keeping costs and turnaround time as low as possible.

Our checklist includes:

  • Flywheel
  • Clutch pressure plates
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch disc
  • Master cylinder
  • Clutch fluid
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Diaphragm spring
  • Fork
  • Clutch pedal, to name a few.

Please note that unfortunately most clutch components cannot be repaired. In our workshop we only use OE-grade parts to ensure optimum performance and durability.

Still need to know more about our clutch repairs and replacements Cheadle? Please give us a call at 01538 753252 or mail us at info@aasilencers.com.