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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?

The braking system is responsible for safely decelerating the vehicle, irrespective of the speed. Thus, it is essential to opt for routine brake inspections to ensure optimum on-road safety.

AA Silencers Ltd. offers affordable and comprehensive car brake repairs and replacements Cheadle for all car make and models. Our team of highly skilled technicians possess years of hands-on experience in dealing with several brake-related issues.

In addition, our RAC-authorised garage is equipped with best-in-class diagnostic tools and superior-quality OE-grade spares to ensure prompt and precise solutions.

Warning Signs Of A Malfunctioning Braking System

Like all other car parts, braking components also wear out over time. But since it happens gradually, you may overlook the diminished braking performance.

Below are some of the symptoms that indicate that your vehicle may need a thorough brake check.

Noisy Brakes

If you hear a screeching noise while applying the brakes, it usually happens due to worn-out brake pads.

Brake Light Showing On The Dashboard

Are you noticing a red or yellow light blinking on your car's dashboard? Do not ignore the sign and take your car to our brake specialists Cheadle, for a detailed inspection.

Slow, or even no response when stepping on the Brake Pedal

This usually happens due to a low level of brake fluid or due to the presence of air in the braking system. Our experts will thoroughly check the system to find the cause and act accordingly.

Juddering Brake Pedal

This is a sign of a damaged rotor or faulty brake pads and requires a replacement.

Vehicle Pulling To One Side

Does your car drift to one side while applying the brakes? It is caused due to thinning brake linings and requires professional assistance.

With addressing such concerns on time, serious hazards can be avoided, and money can be saved.

Causes For Worn-out Brakes

Your car’s braking system may get damaged early due to:

  • Faulty brake booster
  • Corroded master cylinder
  • Frequent braking when driving through busy traffic
  • Overheated brake pads
  • Worn-out brake hoses
  • Moisture in the braking system
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Worn-out brake discs
  • Using cheap quality brake pads, fluid, etc.

About Our Car Brake Service Cheadle

Our experts begin the process with a thorough brake inspection Cheadle to identify the faulty parts. They examine components like:

  • Rotors
  • Master cylinder
  • Wheel bearings
  • Callipers
  • Brake pads
  • Discs
  • Brake shoes, etc.

Besides, we only stock OE-grade spares for assured performance and extended service life.

We also conduct brake fluid flush or replacement.

If you have any questions about brake repairs and replacements Cheadle or any of our other services, you can call us on 01538753252, come to us atGrosvenor Garage, Tean Road, Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 1LQ, UK, or email us at info@aasilencers.com.

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